For Nicky

Few remember me, who I was before.
Who I am now, none can perceive.
I’m gone, who will they eulogize?

Will it be the paraplegic body
that groaned to move
that groaned to speak
that groaned.

Or will it be the humanity that existed
before the fall,
before the numbing perpetual paralysis
found finality.

When I was a babe,
I moved and climbed,
people said I was exceptional.

When I was a child,
people were less impressed,
my exceptions became normal.

When I reached adulthood
I had already expired.
All my achievements undone by time.

And now in my coffin,
I lie still, as I lived
But my soul,
my full living, breathing soul
won’t succumb to silence

I lived as strong as I died
and now lying motionless
freedom enters me
as a breath enters the lungs.

inhalation, exhalation,
remembered, forgotten,
I live.


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